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Thursday, July 7, 2011

update on SAL Curl up with a Good Book, FoF71 and jewelery

So for my first week of unemployment I was productive on my cross stitching and even did some jewelery, which I haven't done in quite a while.
So 1st up in the SAL Curl up with a Good Book, I got a lot done. I finally finished page one, and a good amount of page 2, with most of the rest of page 2 and 3 the candle, which is mostly all one color.
I got  little more on Faces of Faery 71 done on her forehead. I think I'm going to work on her today and QS Royal Flower as my UFO/SWIP for this coming week.
And here's my jewelery that I made the first one is earrings and a bracelet.
This is a pair of earring that I did, I just finished the bracelet but I'll post a pic when I finish the necklace too. So this is like a preview. :)
Now if I can get my headaches to chill until next week when I go see my worthless neurologist and see what she wants to do now, that probably won't work! Oh well. Hope you enjoy. My goal is to finish FoF 71 this month for the Reward program, so fingers crossed!
Well I totally forgot about the other things I did. I finished a little 5x7 called Horse Pals, which was in a UFO pile and only about half done. I did frame it up right away, but haven't taken a pic of it in the frame yet.
The other thing I did was a Christmas Teddy from Mill Hill Beads for a Ornament Exchange that I'm in on one of the FB boards.  Still debating on sending him or another one I made sometime ago of a gingerbread man holding a candy cane, that is done in cross stitch.        

Happy Stitching!


  1. Wow! Stitching, jewelry, and beading! You are multi-talented. Great work.

  2. Thanks Louanne! I just love to do crafts of all kinds, but stitching still gets most of my time.