Dog/Cat pile

Thursday, June 30, 2011

New updates and last day of work

So tonight is my last night of work... maybe. Now they are thinking about asking me to come back to work because the mother of my patient is NUTS!! But whatever happens I still have updates for my cross stitch.

First up is SAL SK Phuan - Ivory Cats
She has ears! She should go quick since she's mostly one color on this page.

Next up is my favorite! Faces of Faery 71 - JBG
And last but not least. Fly Butterfly (freebie)-CCK
Didn't get a lot done but progress is progress!
Happy Stitching Everyone!!


  1. is Phuan confetti heavy, bleeding rapunzel gave me a headache, which i know it will be worth it, but i think this will be very slow going

  2. The yellow's in the blue background are confetti but the cat is pretty much all 939. Your right about Rapunzel, she will look amazing when your done.