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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

SAL Sunny and updates

So I spent last night taking out the face on Sunny. I originally did it in 2 strands DMC Satin white, full cross stitch. Decided it looked to bulky so I took it all out and redid it as half stitch. Maybe I'll make some progress on her now. I'll post a pic later this weekend.

So here's some pics of other projects I'm working on (mainly HAED's)

Artic Window - Schimmell
Autumn Splendor - Jessica Galberth
Dracolair - Midnight Hunting
Dragon Charmer - Jo Wall
Faces of Faery 71 - JBG
Flamenco Mermaid - Nadia Tate
Fly Butterfly (freebie) - CCK
Langsuir - Ian Daniels
Meowy Christmas - Dimensions
Pearl Princess - Selena Fenech
Precious Moments - Bridal Party
QS Fulgent Purple - CCK
QS Royal Flower - Caron Vinson
Winter Green Wishes - Hannah Lynn Disney
Shh Now - Zindy
Titiana - Mirabilia
Tree Skirt - Dimensions


  1. Great work, they all look fabbie!!

  2. Thanks Thea! I'm still trying to figure out how to organize my blog.

  3. i love all your WIPS it makes me feel better about having so many too

  4. Thanks weestitchy! Soo glad I'm not the only one!! I just can't resist!