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Thursday, October 6, 2011

My ring! & update on QS Dreams of Iris

So I got my ring today from Myka Jelina it hasw the close-up of Kiara and I love it!
Here's the update on QS Dream of Iris
I've finished the bottom and left hand corner since I took this pic. So only 2 more pages to go! I just can't put her down!! Hopefully once I get her finished I'm going to focus on FoF 71 and finish the 1 small page then I have 2 pages left on her (I've stitched on both pages so they aren't full pages either).
But my aunt also sent this to me

  It's called The Pack
and she wants to give it to someone for Christmas!?! So I am going to have to cross stitch my booty off to get it done in time for her. I told her she has to get it framed though. Shipping is way to much for me to do it and I'm not driving 8 hours to give it to her. Especially through Minnesota and North Dakota in December! I'm crazy but I have bad luck when driving long trips in the middle of winter.
So that's it for now. Happy Stitching everyone!


  1. Good luck with getting the wolves done in time!

  2. Great update on Dream of Iris and good luck with the wolves.

  3. Good luck with the wolves and I adore Iris.... in fact I think I like her so much she's going onto my wishlist!

  4. Oh, dear, nothing like an emergency stitching project. I really wish you well in getting it done on time. Good luck! And your Iris looks great. Grats on the progress. I saw you were following my blog, so I had to come check yours out, lol. Nice to "meet" you!

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